Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Running out of time

Only a fortnight to the show now and of course I’m beginning to worry. I’ve finished the DVD, and also, over the weekend (I’ve been encoding since last week!) sorted out my portfolio DVD’s, with labelled films and titles and everything looks neat and tidy and pretty. Anyway, the show DVD looks, for the most part fine. I’ve begun to find the first two parts of the film particularly tedious, and have become quite bored/embarrassed of them, constantly thinking of ways to improve them (all of which are entirely unnecessary), I’ve realised that they are fine as they are, my problem stemming from them being slightly older than the other two and more ‘traditional’ in their composition. The points I have made in previous posts about parts III and IV still stand however, so now is the time when I should combat the problems:
In part III I feel I need to reduce the nullifying effect of the crop system I have used throughout the piece, there is also a case for the use of a more coherent timing mechanism, though this will be a much bigger task, requiring a lot of re-rendering (and should not be embarked upon lightly).
In Part IV I am worried about the quality of the compression, perhaps I need to deinterlace during the encode, or perhaps there is a series of alterations to the coding mechanism which need to change, what is clear is that at present, the quality of the image is much lower than I anticipated, and should be remedied. I will have to make a few ‘test’ sections to see what I can do to best minimalise pixellation. Also, the effect of zooming in and out, when there is no zoom, seems to have been lost in the translation from .avi to .mpeg2, in my tests I should also try to find the best way to retain this, though it may be more difficult than I anticipate (I’m not sure what caused it in the first place)!

All in all everything is going ok, I should get a projector sometime this week so I can measure up and make my security box (which will contain both projector and DVD player), I’ve also asked the technician about speakers, and he said that the Fine Art department have some, and I would be able to use them, though I’d have to get stands from elsewhere. This is a bit of a concern, I’m not sure whether I want stands in the first place, and If I do, I’d have to build them (yet again) in metalwork. The speakers might work better on the floor, where they might vibrate more, creating more of an atmosphere, or they might sound a little too bassy and need to be raised, there is no real way of knowing this until we have set up in the room, which we wont be able to until 3 days before the show. Oh well…
I’m sure everything will be ok.


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