Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Projectors (4:3-16:9)

Mark and I managed to borrow the projectors we’ll be using for our degree show today, so we went into our allotted space and gauged how we wanted them mounted. We both decided it’d be best to put hang them from the ceiling, and, because they have screw holes on their base, for such use, it seems quite simple to do so. I had provisionally burnt two DVD’s to try out on this occasion, a 4:3 version, but also a 16:9 widescreen version. I want to project onto the entire wall, or as much as possible anyway, if I use 4:3 then the projected image would reach the ceiling or floor long before it reached the side walls, so instead I’ve opted to project using 16:9 which will squash the image, but also allow it to be much larger, it still meets the ceiling or floor before the walls, but it fills the space much better than a square version would do. I used part of Pt. IV to test this, which was perhaps a mistake as this does not inform me of any distortion of the image. I should instead have tried some of the earlier films, perhaps parts I or II, where the distortion would have been more immediately apparent. Still, these can be experimented with next week, perhaps on Wednesday or Thursday, so I’m not too concerned.

My plans for next week, are at present, still rather vague, but my plan is to have parts I-III completely finished and ready for the show, both visually (Pt. III needs particular attention) and aurally (all parts need to be levelled, that is, made to a similar volume). For next Wednesday, which is the first day I’ll be able to prepare my space, I want to have several different encondings of these films ready, some in 16:9 and some in 4:3, with titles, and correctly timed/spaced, so that after I have set up my projector, dvd player and speakers, I can discover which encoding works best for the different parts. So by Wednesday night I should know what I am doing for parts I-III, Part IV on the other hand needs more consideration, as this is the part particularly sensitive to encoding, also, the visual effects present in Pt IV are susceptible to alteration/damage by using different encoding techniques. Ideally, I should have a variety of tests done for this by Wednesday as well, then testing can take place after the earlier tests, leaving Wednesday night and Thursday morning for a final encode, which can then be tested on Thursday or Friday, completing the process.

It is worth noting also, that having discovered the problems with the effects on Pt. IV (detailed in the previous post) I was surprised when testing the projector, that the zoom in – zoom out effect has reappeared at such a large scale. Obviously I’m quite pleased at this, and am looking forward to experimenting with different tests next week to see how I can make the most of it.


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