Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Degree Show week

We've been setting up the degree show all week, so very knackering. Mark and I have had a bit of trouble with the equipment, and couldn't pick it up til late last night, but have set everything up today, and there shouldn't be too much more to do other than a little tweaking, having said that we've had a play with the projectors just before we've come home and while mark's looks good (bright, crisp, clear), my projection seems rather dull in comparison. Volker suggested moving the projector closer to the wall, but I was optimistic about the 'cinema effect'. It being the first time I have shown my work with a projector, I of course wanted to make it as big as possible. I see now that this comes at a compromise, and it isn't one I'm willing to take. There is a greater necessity for the work to be clear, colourful and sharp than big. Hopefully the sound will compensate for the lack of scale. We'll see tomorrow.
People have been discussing the portfolio and getting worried about having to do sketchbooks and photographs and so on, I can't fathom why this should be such a problem. Obviously if I'd waited til now to write my DVD's I'd be worried, but I HAVE the work here, it would just be a matter of arranging them on a DVD. Many of the people I've spoken to have said they worry that they haven't made a sketchbook, which I can't understand at all, my sketchbook is central to all of my work, without it I wouldn't be doing the work I'm doing, or considering the work I will be making in the future, planning my time over the summer. I'd like to have explained to me the process of working without forming ideas using a pen and paper, because for me this just isn't possible.

My parents arrive tomorrow as well, but I don't envisage finishing the space til late tomorrow night, so hopefully they can cope on their own for a while. Ideally I'll have friday free to try out several different compression techniques, this is especially important for part IV as the visual effect relies very heavily on the compression used. I'm worried that I haven't tested this enough, but I have enough versions to try them all out and decide on the best one. As for the main title of the work, I think I have decided on 'Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' (1963) frames ... - ...' (i haven't worked these out yet), and by describing the work as 'digital' video I hope to give the viewer the basics to begin to descipher it. I realise the work is insular and very difficult for a viewer to penetrate, but I think this would be much better than actually showing them where I took my clip from, and why I took it. I am very wary of leading the viewer where I want them to go, but giving them a nudge in the right direction is fine by me.


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