Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Writing Assignment

With the writing assignment due in this Friday, I’m quite glad to have got it out of the way. I still need to do a bibliography, and get my images sorted out, etc. but for the most part it is finished. The deadline for uploading the article was yesterday, but Sneha has told me this is not a solid deadline, and I can instead hand in at a later date that suits me more. This is fine as I’d rather get the piece entirely finished to a standard I’m happy with before giving her a digital copy.

I’ve also been working on Pt. III of the four films, and this is going very well, unlike parts 1 and 2, this and the final part of the piece are more process based, and can be completed with much less storyboarding. Obviously the planning still needs to be present, but I can afford, after beginning, to relax a little and complete this very repetitive process with little concern for composition and content. I realise that this may sound a little cocksure but having planned the initial process to be used in the work, I can repeat that (being careful not to alter anything), for as long as I feel necessary to achieve the flickering/repetitive motion results I am aiming for. This piece I find more interesting (for myself not the viewer) than the others as of the four this is the closest to my current work.
I am currently working on the second version of the section because the first version was unsuccessful, I had cropped the image too much, so that there was nowhere for the process to go after three or four revolutions (see I’m not being too sure of myself)!

My brother visited yesterday too, It’ll be the last time I see him before he goes to Australia for a year next week. He even offered to pay for me to fly out there in the summer (though he was a little drunk at this point) and spend a few days with him in Melbourne. It’d be nice, but I’m not a big one for travelling, so who knows.


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