Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Paintings dont move and should be penalised

My own work’s been put on hold for a few days as I’ve been desperately trying to get other peoples work together for a DVD that’ll play at an exhibition set up in London. Unfortunately, everything seems to be last minute, and of course nobody seems too arsed about it apart from me, no doubt I’d get shouted at if it didn’t happen though! I’m trying to set up a loop of four videos by different people, so that It’d play through once, then repeat. It sounds easy enough but because of all the waiting around I’ve had to do, it’s taken that much longer, time which I can’t really afford to waste waiting on other people to do things. If things had been given to me in one go then I could’ve set it going one day, and come back the next, and It’d be done, as it is it’s been drawn out for four days, and I’ll have to go in first thing in the morning to burn it. Exhibiting the work has upset me anyway, I think if the display of the work were a little more interesting then I might feel more motivated. As it is, we have four 10 minute pieces of work, by four different artists, so the video loops every 40 minutes, if someone missed a video, or just caught the end of it, they’d have to wait half an hour to see it again. I felt like suggesting that we stack all the paintings up and shuffle them every 30 minutes, I don’t think this would’ve gone down too well though, but it illustrates my major concern with exhibiting video work. While understanding that there must be limits on what is shown, it seems absurd to compromise the exhibition in such a way. I don’t feel that resources should have anything to do with it: if there is only one TV and DVD player, then there should be only one film shown on it, if there are seven, then show seven video artists, but to put so much work by a variety of people on/in such a small space doesn’t help anyone, and is in fact detrimental to the entire body of work.

Pt. 1 continues, but progress is very slow, I keep going in the knowledge that all other sections of the piece will consist of much quicker processes, both in planning and realisation, (that is not to say that they are any less worthwhile, but more to do with the level of precision and planning required at this early stage.


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