Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter + home for a week (6 days)

Got home today, and finally finished the DVD first thing in the morning. I think the one good thing to have come out of this has been the greater understanding of Final Cut Studio. I feel like I’ve gotten to grips with it over the past week, and now feel comfortable making my loop for the degree show (though it is still a long way off!), I’ve also managed to finish Pt. 1, and have moved on to part 2. With the planning stage of this complete, I hope in the 6 days I’m at home to get most of this part finished.

Pt. II starts in a very similar way to Pt. 1, showing the viewer the single clip which they are still very familiar with from the previous section. The film then develops much like many of my previous films, with the clip replicating itself and creating mesmerising patterns on the screen. Here though, I’ve learnt from Pt. 1 and some of the previous trials I’d been working on, and the manipulation of the image surface is kept, so as the image repeats and replicates itself, small adjustments are made to it, so that some of the reproductions are different shapes, or move in different ways. I like the way this draws attention to different areas of the screen, and really gives the viewer something irregular to look at (I found in some earlier work that some of the images were too regular, and gave a much too hypnotic effect, something which I hope I’ve balanced just right here!).

As well as Part 2, I also hope to make some headway with my Shane Meadows article, which ahs been on the backburner for a couple of weeks now. I know what I want to do with it, and the direction it should take, it is just a matter of doing it now. This can often cause problems though, in that it often makes me a little less motivated to actually do it, sometimes the imagination of work is enough to prevent me from doing work, and it might be said that things are better imagined than actually done (they always turn out better that way, less of a disappointment).


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