Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back in Newcastle/Oops

I got back from Manchester yesterday, and went to uni from the station. I had some lunch but there wasn’t anybody about, so I walked home, feeling a little sorry for myself. I didn’t expect a party to meet me off the train, but someone, perhaps a nice looking girl, waving her hankie (wait a minute, that’s when the train’s leaving isn’t it!) Still, there’s always next time. Needless to say I haven’t quite successfully finished… anything while I was away. The majority of Pt. II has been completed now, and I’m quite happy with the quality at this stage. I’ve stuck close to my plan, as I didn’t want any unexpected surprises, and I’m glad that the rotation aspect(s) I wanted in there are still present and I managed to sort out a way of effectively splitting clips while they were turning. Unfortunately the Meadows article has suffered from this gain, so no doubt that will take precedence over the next couple of days. Handed in on the 28th, I’ve got about a week and a half to finish it/make it look respectable. The London exhibition (for which I made the DVD) will have finished today, I received a text message from Simeon the other day thanking me for my involvement. I have a suspicion that this was not just sent to me, but everybody involved in it, so although it was a nice gesture, it seems to have made me feel that they have all been rather ungrateful, (is that ungrateful of me? – I’m not sure) It doesn’t matter really does it. At least I can put it on my CV! Anyway, back to the point, people have commented on how much they liked my work, so that was nice, and apparently everybody had a good time when they went down for the opening. I’m quite glad I avoided it, though I must learn to have interesting conversations at this kind of thing, so I can talk to people next year.


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