Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Writing Assignment

With the writing assignment due in this Friday, I’m quite glad to have got it out of the way. I still need to do a bibliography, and get my images sorted out, etc. but for the most part it is finished. The deadline for uploading the article was yesterday, but Sneha has told me this is not a solid deadline, and I can instead hand in at a later date that suits me more. This is fine as I’d rather get the piece entirely finished to a standard I’m happy with before giving her a digital copy.

I’ve also been working on Pt. III of the four films, and this is going very well, unlike parts 1 and 2, this and the final part of the piece are more process based, and can be completed with much less storyboarding. Obviously the planning still needs to be present, but I can afford, after beginning, to relax a little and complete this very repetitive process with little concern for composition and content. I realise that this may sound a little cocksure but having planned the initial process to be used in the work, I can repeat that (being careful not to alter anything), for as long as I feel necessary to achieve the flickering/repetitive motion results I am aiming for. This piece I find more interesting (for myself not the viewer) than the others as of the four this is the closest to my current work.
I am currently working on the second version of the section because the first version was unsuccessful, I had cropped the image too much, so that there was nowhere for the process to go after three or four revolutions (see I’m not being too sure of myself)!

My brother visited yesterday too, It’ll be the last time I see him before he goes to Australia for a year next week. He even offered to pay for me to fly out there in the summer (though he was a little drunk at this point) and spend a few days with him in Melbourne. It’d be nice, but I’m not a big one for travelling, so who knows.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back in Newcastle/Oops

I got back from Manchester yesterday, and went to uni from the station. I had some lunch but there wasn’t anybody about, so I walked home, feeling a little sorry for myself. I didn’t expect a party to meet me off the train, but someone, perhaps a nice looking girl, waving her hankie (wait a minute, that’s when the train’s leaving isn’t it!) Still, there’s always next time. Needless to say I haven’t quite successfully finished… anything while I was away. The majority of Pt. II has been completed now, and I’m quite happy with the quality at this stage. I’ve stuck close to my plan, as I didn’t want any unexpected surprises, and I’m glad that the rotation aspect(s) I wanted in there are still present and I managed to sort out a way of effectively splitting clips while they were turning. Unfortunately the Meadows article has suffered from this gain, so no doubt that will take precedence over the next couple of days. Handed in on the 28th, I’ve got about a week and a half to finish it/make it look respectable. The London exhibition (for which I made the DVD) will have finished today, I received a text message from Simeon the other day thanking me for my involvement. I have a suspicion that this was not just sent to me, but everybody involved in it, so although it was a nice gesture, it seems to have made me feel that they have all been rather ungrateful, (is that ungrateful of me? – I’m not sure) It doesn’t matter really does it. At least I can put it on my CV! Anyway, back to the point, people have commented on how much they liked my work, so that was nice, and apparently everybody had a good time when they went down for the opening. I’m quite glad I avoided it, though I must learn to have interesting conversations at this kind of thing, so I can talk to people next year.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter + home for a week (6 days)

Got home today, and finally finished the DVD first thing in the morning. I think the one good thing to have come out of this has been the greater understanding of Final Cut Studio. I feel like I’ve gotten to grips with it over the past week, and now feel comfortable making my loop for the degree show (though it is still a long way off!), I’ve also managed to finish Pt. 1, and have moved on to part 2. With the planning stage of this complete, I hope in the 6 days I’m at home to get most of this part finished.

Pt. II starts in a very similar way to Pt. 1, showing the viewer the single clip which they are still very familiar with from the previous section. The film then develops much like many of my previous films, with the clip replicating itself and creating mesmerising patterns on the screen. Here though, I’ve learnt from Pt. 1 and some of the previous trials I’d been working on, and the manipulation of the image surface is kept, so as the image repeats and replicates itself, small adjustments are made to it, so that some of the reproductions are different shapes, or move in different ways. I like the way this draws attention to different areas of the screen, and really gives the viewer something irregular to look at (I found in some earlier work that some of the images were too regular, and gave a much too hypnotic effect, something which I hope I’ve balanced just right here!).

As well as Part 2, I also hope to make some headway with my Shane Meadows article, which ahs been on the backburner for a couple of weeks now. I know what I want to do with it, and the direction it should take, it is just a matter of doing it now. This can often cause problems though, in that it often makes me a little less motivated to actually do it, sometimes the imagination of work is enough to prevent me from doing work, and it might be said that things are better imagined than actually done (they always turn out better that way, less of a disappointment).

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Paintings dont move and should be penalised

My own work’s been put on hold for a few days as I’ve been desperately trying to get other peoples work together for a DVD that’ll play at an exhibition set up in London. Unfortunately, everything seems to be last minute, and of course nobody seems too arsed about it apart from me, no doubt I’d get shouted at if it didn’t happen though! I’m trying to set up a loop of four videos by different people, so that It’d play through once, then repeat. It sounds easy enough but because of all the waiting around I’ve had to do, it’s taken that much longer, time which I can’t really afford to waste waiting on other people to do things. If things had been given to me in one go then I could’ve set it going one day, and come back the next, and It’d be done, as it is it’s been drawn out for four days, and I’ll have to go in first thing in the morning to burn it. Exhibiting the work has upset me anyway, I think if the display of the work were a little more interesting then I might feel more motivated. As it is, we have four 10 minute pieces of work, by four different artists, so the video loops every 40 minutes, if someone missed a video, or just caught the end of it, they’d have to wait half an hour to see it again. I felt like suggesting that we stack all the paintings up and shuffle them every 30 minutes, I don’t think this would’ve gone down too well though, but it illustrates my major concern with exhibiting video work. While understanding that there must be limits on what is shown, it seems absurd to compromise the exhibition in such a way. I don’t feel that resources should have anything to do with it: if there is only one TV and DVD player, then there should be only one film shown on it, if there are seven, then show seven video artists, but to put so much work by a variety of people on/in such a small space doesn’t help anyone, and is in fact detrimental to the entire body of work.

Pt. 1 continues, but progress is very slow, I keep going in the knowledge that all other sections of the piece will consist of much quicker processes, both in planning and realisation, (that is not to say that they are any less worthwhile, but more to do with the level of precision and planning required at this early stage.