Tuesday, December 13, 2005

W.I.P. continued...

Watch out for something new soon. Have a lot of ideas, and not enough time to do everything, so will try to get some of these up here soon.

Work In progress (west phasing piece)

(stills continued in next post)

Above are stills from the work storyboarded in the last post. I'm quite happy with the latter stages of it at the moment, but the middle has a lot to be desired. Because I hadn't completed the storyboard before beginning, I quickly found I was making it up as I went along, though it seems now I have found some parts very worthwhile (particularly those involving phase shifts). maybe most upsetting is the transition from first rotations to second rotations. The clips seem to slip across the screen with no real 'purpose'. It's difficult to explain, but it seems to me quite obvious that I didn;t know where I was going with it before making this part. In my defence, there were several ideas to get them from A to B, but none of these seemed to work. Perhaps now that I've worked out other similar problems, I'll be able to go back and correct this, I'll keep you posted.

Also, showed existing work to Nigel and had a good chat about predictablility. Not so much in this piece, but in others there is a real sense, to me, that there is no surprise for the viewer. Once an event has occurred the viewer knows and can plan ahead all that will happen in the next minute. Though this may be the case, it is quite redundant as the shapes and patterns move to create new, interesting patterns, which cannot be second-guessed. Something to think about and consider; what is the relationship between prediciton and interest in these works?


Apologies are in order, since I haven't posted anything for nearly a month (not that anyone reads this blog anyway, but i'm sorry). I could yap on about all the things I've been up to but smething tells me nobody really cares. suffice to say I've been very busy with other things other than updating the blog, and while this includes studio work, it doesn't include a lot of it (but that's been changing recently!).
Above are some scans from my notebook. Hopefully detailing some of my thoughts/ideas, about where to go next. I thought it important to return to phasing, which hasn;t been present in my last two pieces, but of course this bring with it a lot of headaches involving synching and 'clip relationships', which, as well as taking a long time to think about and get right, also take a long time to render and produce. So it's been a very slow process.
I had originally intended, as can be seen in the storyboard image above, to produce a piece based around still images rather than moving ones. Obvioulsy these images would move, but not within themselves, merely in relation to one another, creating patterns where there were none and creating a timespan in a moment (doesn't that sound pathetic). I began to make the piece (images of which I'll upload SOON, I promise), but soon realised there were better 'clips/films' that I could use instead of the stills, so began creating the piece which is currently in the works with the original (half made)storyboard in mind. Subsequent scanned images are of my workings during the preliminary phases of this piece (working title: 'West Phase film'), trying out anchor points and centre marks and developing the phase patterns which will, I hope, play a big part in making this stand out from previous works.