Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"The Fan"

(Apologies, these stills are out of chronological order, though using the storyboard from the previous post, you might be able to piece them together)

I've completed the fan piece detailed in the previous post (has it been a week?), and encountered a few problems along the way. Last week my computer told me it had run out of RAM, so I had to rethink how I was going to do the work, which in turn has given me further insight into the workings of Final Cut Pro (the editing software I'm using), so it's been worthwhile in the end. I've made the piece twice in this time, and now have three versions of the work, 2 are around four and a half minutes, while the third (and final) piece is around 3:45. The first work I rushed through to discover whether the new process would work (which it did), and I made some quite minor alterations for the second piece, which I think helped the piece on further. After completing this yesterday, I made a few alterations to the structure of the piece as I felt it was too predictable, and would bore some viewers, so the stills in the blog have been taken from this final film.
There is no lag/delay/phasing in this piece of work, because the structure of the piece prohibited it. I created each part of the film (e.g. the fans emerging, converging and turning on their axes) individually, and if phasing had been introduced into each part, there would be gaps where each fan would disappear until the next section began. This piece is more concerned with the arrangement of the forms than phasing (though I will re-address phase shifting soon).


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